Injection moulding

Our injection moulding department offers standard plastic processing as well as micro injection moulding, hybrid injection moulding, thermoplastics and thermosets.
Our injection moulding stock includes:
  • 20 injection moulding machines (Boy, Demag), (clamping force of up to 200 tonnes, injection weight of around 700 g)
  • 2K injection moulding tool
  • Hybrid and insert components
  • Fully automatic assembly systems
  • Coating systems for finishing
  • Labelling laser for finishing
  • Printing machines and much more!
We process the following: ABS, LCP, PA6, PA6.6, PBT, PC, PE, POM, PP, PPN, PPO, PPS, PS, PU, PVS, SAN, TPE, TPU, WPC, PK and PEEK
Naturally, custom colours can be chosen.
If you have special requests or problems, spare yourself time-consuming research and talk to us.
You can contact us directly here.

Injection-moulded components

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