We develop:
  • Tools
  • Injection-moulded components
  • Tool shapes
  • Special machinery
  • Parts for electronics
  • Custom products
  • and much more!
A product starts with an idea.
Our portfolio is diverse - regardless of whether you need injection-moulded parts, moulds, special machinery or parts for electronics. Milled components are designet using a 3D CAD system and are finished with the aid of a CAM system, for examply.
Feasibility analyses are carried out in parallel. Among other things, patenting follows if desired.
Series production - where applicable - only takes place following careful testing and the approval of prototypes. Finally, the products are delivered to our customers.
We use special software such as Solid Edge or VISI-Series to design our products.
Readable data formats include:
  • for 3-D drawings
             volume models: STEP data (.stp)
             surface models:  IGES data (.igs)
  • 2-D drawings

             AutoCard 2000 series data (.dwg, .dxf)

Prototypes can be created really quickly using our in-house 3D printing system.
From the initial idea to the finished product, our customers are able to constantly discuss individual advancements with our employees!
If you have special requests or problems, spare yourself time-consuming research and talk to us.
You can contact us directly here.
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